How can I grow Knockout roses?

Knockout, or Knock Out® roses are a family of shrub roses created by Will Radler for Star® Roses and Plants who are known for a wide variety of landscape roses, minis, and other plants. These are highly disease-resistant and bloom continuously throughout the season....

How do I prune rose bushes in the fall?

Generally, roses can go without much pruning in the fall. However, if you live in a location that gets wind or that starts experiencing freezing weather in fall, you may want to do what we here in the Pacific Northwest call wind pruning.  This amounts to pruning tall...

My roses grow but never bloom

Most roses require a fair amount of sunlight each day. Additionally, they like to be watered regularly. We like to fertilize our roses once a month during the bloom season. If your rose bushes look healthy, but have no blooms, you might try fertilizing, if you aren’t already doing that. If the bush is getting 6 or more hours of sunlight and plenty of water, consider getting a soil analysis.

Does frost hurt my roses?

The answer to so many gardening questions is “It depends!” But, in general, frost probably won’t cause lasting damage to your rose bushes, provided you take some precautions. 

Is there a black rose?

No, there is no such thing as a truly black rose.  There are dark red or crimson roses, which may darken as they age and dry out. And florists may paint or dye roses for special occasions. The roses grown in Halfeti, Turkey are a dark crimson color, and are grown as part of the large commercial enterprise for rose petals, rose water, and rose essential oils.