Head Over Heels Rose Image

​Head over Heels

The Easy Elegance® Head Over Heels rose, is one of the Easy Elegance line from Bailey Nurseries. The Head Over Heels fluffy double blooms are mauve pink with a moderate scent. A repeat blooming, smaller shrub-type rose, it grows in an upright rounded shape to about 3’ high and 2.5’-3’ wide. Ping Lim, formerly Bailey Nurseries’ Rose Research Director many years, developed the Easy Elegance line of roses.  Easy Elegance roses were bred to be easy care and disease resistant.  There are several varieties of Easy Elegance roses throughout the Peninsula Park rose garden. 

At Peninsula Park Rose Garden you’ll find the Easy Elegance Head over Heels Rose in bed 22.

If you’re interested in the Easy Elegance® Head over Heels Rose for your garden here are some sources: