Sparkle & Shine rose
Sparkle & Shine rose image

Sparkle and Shine™

The Sparkle and Shine™ rose is new to the Peninsula Park Rose Garden in 2021.  It’s a fragrant floribunda rose that blooms with abundant clusters of a bright and beautiful yellow flowers.  Christian Bédard, an award winning hybridizer and breeder of roses, created Sparkle and Shine™ for Weeks Roses using Julie Newmar and Julia Child roses as parentage.  Bédard has been in charge of breeding  for Weeks Roses since 2012 and introduced Sparkle and Shine Rose™ in 2013.  A medium-tall rose, it will grow to 39” to 47” with a nicely rounded and bushy growth habit. It’s also an easy-care rose with great disease resistance.

In Peninsula Park Rose Garden you can find Sparkle and Shine Rose™ in beds 21 and 29.

If you’re interested in Sparkle and Shine™ for your garden here are some sources: