Pink rose in Peninsula Park Rose Garden

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Friends of Peninsula Park Rose Garden

Thanks to you, we can continue to preserve and enhance the historic Peninsula Park Rose Garden, Portland, Oregon’s first public rose garden.

We perform a variety of tasks each year to help keep the garden beautiful and safe. In addition to our summer deadheading, we perform Fall and Winter pruning, Spring weeding, and we continue to clear moss from the extensive brickwork, to help our masonry company restore and repair the brick and concrete in the garden.

Our volunteer activities require us to maintain liability insurance for all volunteers. Additionally, we contribute to tool purchases and provide a number of simple benefits to our volunteers, including snacks on Fridays and during special projects, drinking water, and annual performance awards. Your donations help us with insurance, our website cost (much of which is donated, but not all), and other overhead costs. Without you, we wouldn’t be here three days a week, keeping the garden beautiful for you, your family, and friends to enjoy!

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