Volunteering Restart at Peninsula Park Rose Garden

We are beginning a limited restart of volunteer events at Peninsula Park Rose Garden. We are moving to a registration system for volunteering. We will no longer support drop-in or walk-in volunteers at the rose garden. Please do not just drop by to work in the garden. We are enforcing this rule to support contact tracing until we have a vaccine for COVID-19.

Make Sure You Are Signed Up in Track It Forward

We will use Track It Forward, a time-tracking volunteer management system we have been using for several seasons. If you are a volunteer and have not registered on Track It Forward, you can do so by going to our Volunteer page. While you are there, please download and fill out the PP&R documents on that page (there are 3) and mail them to Steve Pixley, at the address shown on that page.

Registration Emails

Once you have an account in Track It Forward, you will receive the registration emails. You will need to register for each day that you want to volunteer.  Please read the following information. This info is also included on the registration emails.

When You Are Ready to Register

We are now expanding the number of slots available for volunteering, as the Governor has loosened restrictions as of Friday, June 19th. We do want to give all of our volunteers a chance to work in the garden, but with the current available slots per day at 25, we think we will be able to accommodate everybody who wants to help!

  1. You must register for the event. Please do not bring others with you, unless they have registered.
  2. Please use the COVID-19 Symptom Check at this website, before you come to the garden: Oregon COVID-19 Symptom Check. If you are unsure about your health status, please postpone your visit to the garden.
  3. Bring your own equipment (list below).

If you do not have your own equipment, please notify Mark Smallwood (msmallwood9@gmail.com or 503-960-0363) so we can have a supply kit ready for you. You will need to take supplies (clippers, a bucket, gloves, mask) home with you and bring them back the next time you volunteer.

NOTE: If you have your own equipment, we strongly encourage you to bring it. We will not have large amounts of supplies available.

If you can, please bring your own:

  • Clippers
  • Gloves
  • Bucket or bag for deadheaded roses
  • Mask (we strongly encourage you to wear a mask. If you choose not to, you will be asked to work on one of the slopes.)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Drinking water
  • Snacks for yourself (if necessary)
  • Hat

We will be enforcing the City/State rule of no more than 2 volunteers per rose bed. Please abide by these rules. We are a highly visible group of volunteers in the Portland Parks system. To continue being allowed to congregate in the rose garden, we must model proper behavior. Thank you!