The Friends

We are a group of neighbors from the North and Northeast Portland community and gardeners from the greater Portland area who love to get outside, especially when that means helping out in this garden gem. You might think that we’re all fanatic rose growers (well, there are some of those) but no. We are a mix of experienced and beginning gardeners, Master Gardeners, and neighbors who love Peninsula Park, and the rose garden.

The Friends group was officially established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As such, we do have an active board, consisting of garden volunteers, with career experience in the law, finance, marketing, technology, education, medicine, and public administration. But what binds us all is a love for gardens, and for this garden, in particular.

Board Members

Our board members serve 3 year terms and can often be found in the garden, especially on Fridays (snack days!). Current board members are:


  • Pat Frobes, President
  • Yvonne Boisvert, Vice President
  • Susan Atwood, Secretary
  • Elizabeth Parkman, Treasurer
  • Lillian Salminen, Board Member
  • Carolyn Bailey, Board Member
  • Judy Farmer, Board Member
  • Mark Smallwood, Board Member
  • William Coffman, Board Member
  • Robert Hrdlicka, Board Member
  • Kimberly Bown, Board Member (Ex-Officio)

We welcome you to join us, as casual or regular volunteers in the garden, at one of our special events, or on our board. Please send an email or just show up on one of our regular volunteering days!