Peninsula Park Roses

We have many rose varieties that make up the more than 5000 rose bushes in the Peninsula Park Rose Garden. The floor beds of the garden mirror each other: for example, you’ll find Julia Child roses in the East and West end beds just below the slopes at each end of the garden. The other roses in those beds are mirrored in the beds on both East and West. You’ll find a growing guide to the roses in the garden, along with suggestions of where you might find them for your own garden. The slopes are planted with various roses that can tolerate shade.

The Portland Rose Society publishes a downloadable (PDF) annual spring list of Portland roses and where to find them at local nurseries. We have tried to include links to websites of growers and local and some online retailers where you MAY be able to purchase these roses. Note that we receive nothing in return for these links, nor do we endorse any particular retailer or grower. We include them simply for informational purposes.